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What is Sport Psychology?

Psychology is generally defined as the study of academic and applied science which concerns itself with the human mind and behavior. Sport Psychology concerns itself with the human mind and behavior as it applies to an athlete in his or her sport or athletic endeavor.

The athlete’s performance is determined by far more than his or her physical training for the respective sport. It embraces all aspects of the athlete’s experience including his or her use of the mind in performance, the relational support system that surrounds them (coaches, teammates, friends, and family), attentional strengths of focus and concentration, and the motivation to succeed. A Sport Psychologist applies these factors to specific areas in the athlete’s experience such as performance enhancement, injury rehabilitation, player-coach relations, and team cohesion.

The application of the principles of Sport Psychology are widely valued and accepted by athletes, coaches, and administrators in sport and exercise at entry levels of participation through professional athletics.


How can Sport Psychology be helpful to me?

Sport Psychology can be helpful in a number of ways. We often explain to athletes how the mind controls the body. Even though we know this, most athletes train their body and skill set exclusively while ignoring mission control, the mind. The mind will be involved in your performance whether you want it to or not. Doubt, fear, anxiety, distraction, and anger can all impact our performance. We train the athlete to use the power of their mind in a positive fashion.


What level athlete sees a Sport Psychologist?

All levels of athletes can benefit as what is learned are not  only mental skills related to all levels of sport but are able to be applied in everyday life.


What if I'm not sure it it's right for me?

Feel free to contact us to discuss the current situation in your sport. We offer an extensive range of services that can benefit athletes at all levels. If you wish to involve your parents or coach in your decision, we would be pleased to speak to them as well.


How do I get started?

It’s as easy as a phone call or email. We will begin by sending you an assessment form to complete. At that time, if you wish, you may take an assessment measure, the Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), which is a very well regarded measurement of performance variable utilized by professional and Olympic teams.


Can we work together if I live out of state?

Yes, educational sport psychology can be conducted at a distance. It is beneficial to meet the athlete, however if it is not possible, we bring together as much information as possible from as many perspectives as possible (coach, parents, team physician) to help identify and address the athlete’s performance needs.

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