Vantage Sport Psychology Group, LLC is available to teams and organizations in a number of capacities. Vantage works with coaches and teams to help develop player-coach relations and the team cohesion necessary to become a winning program. Our work with teams involves both a group and individual approach utilizing discussion and experiential exercises developed to foster a sense of cooperation, responsibility, accountability, and cohesion.

Vantage also works with organizations on player selection. We first work with the organization to ascertain what characteristics they desire in a player. Our selection process includes the use of a computer generated test which assesses attention styles, focus, confidence, competitiveness and other areas important in performance and team cohesiveness. This assessment tool is a state of the art instrument standardized on Olympic and professional athletes. In addition, the player selection process involves assessment interviews with the athlete, coaches, and family members if available to consensually validate the administered testing. This evaluation of player selection serves as an aid to the organization in their own process and helps determine what they might expect to see with particular players of interest.

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Chris Michaels Ph.D.
Chris Michaels Ph.D.

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